Benefits of joining the Gift Aid practical issues working group – member testimonials

Members of CTG’s Gift Aid practical issues working group have shared their experiences of involvement in this working group and the practical benefits for their charity.

Keren Caird, Retail Business Development Gift Aid Manager, Sue Ryder

“I have been a member of this working group since its formation. Since that time membership has grown considerably with representatives from large and small charities joining.  The group meets every three months, to discuss everything Gift Aid and share examples of best practice.

“The group has a close working relationship with HMRC officials, and they regularly attend the meetings.  As a result of this relationship, members of the group have been invited to join two HMRC working groups on the future of Gift Aid and Gift Aid donor benefits. This gives the group a unique opportunity to influence future guidance and policies, with the overall goal of ‘future proofing’ Gift Aid as technological systems develop.

“I always feel motivated and well informed at the end of each meeting and really enjoy the opportunity to spend time with colleagues across the charity sector. I recommend that all charities operating Gift Aid get involved in this group.”

Donna Perry, Gift Aid Compliance Manager, Unicef

“Being a member of this group gives you the opportunity to network with other charities and colleagues across this sector who are administering Gift Aid and looking to make the most of Gift Aid for their Charity.

“It gives you a perfect opportunity to raise issues, concerns, share best working practices and helps resolve any Gift Aid queries you may have. The group works using Chatham House Rules, so confidentiality is a certainty which gives more confidence in raising any issues.

“The group gives you the perfect opportunity to work with people who are happy to lobby HMRC with any Gift Aid concerns and even new ideas. The group has access to HMRC contacts and are happy for them to meet with the group, present and share updates and idea.

“Being a member of this group has been a huge benefit in helping me make the most of Gift Aid for my charity.”

There are now almost 50 charities on the working group’s mailing list, with 25+ organisations regularly attending the quarterly meetings. Between meetings the working group offers charities the opportunity to request feedback from their peers on Gift Aid related issues they encounter day-to-day.

Below is a list of topics covered most recently by the working group:

  • Gift Aid and fundraising packs – donor education
  • Facebook donations and Gift Aid
  • “Goneaways”
  • HMRC Working Groups covering Gift Aid and Donor Benefits
  • Gift Aid enquiries/audits
  • Retail Gift Aid
  • Gift Aid and virtual gifts
  • “Aggregation” and when it is appropriate for Gift Aid purposes
  • Gift Aid audit trails for SMS gifts

To join the Working Group or submit a practical Gift Aid question please contact us at [email protected]


  1. Shirley Roberson says:

    Please can I join the Working Group for Gift Aid, I work in the Gift Registry office of the University of Oxford.

  2. CTG says:

    Thanks Shirley, you have been added to the list. CTG

  3. Mrs Margaret Lloyd says:

    Am I able to join the working party group. I am a Trustee and the volunteers who deals with the Gift Aid for the Shropshire Cat Rescue Charity Shop and also Shelter donations. It is a 100% volunteer run charity. Reg. No. 1071884

  4. CTG says:

    Thanks Margaret, you have been added to the list. CTG

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