Theatre Tax Relief statistics published

HMRC has published the first annual statistics for the Theatre Tax Relief.

  • In 2016-17, £46 million of Theatre Tax Relief was paid out relating to 1,570 productions, of which 490 were touring and 1,080 were non-touring.
  • Since Theatre Tax Relief was introduced in September 2014, £60 million has been paid out relating to 1,750 productions.

Theatre Tax Relief was announced in Finance Act 2014 and effective from 1 September 2014. Production companies (which can include charities and charity trading subsidiaries) are eligible to claim Theatre Tax Relief if:

  • it is a qualifying production company engaged in the making of theatrical productions
  • its primary focus is to play before a live audience of paying members of the general public or for educational purposes
  • it has a minimum 25% EEA expenditure
  • it has 2 rates of payable credit, 25% for touring productions, and 20% for others.

We would welcome feedback from charities and advisers as to whether they have made a successful claim, their experiences in doing so, and whether the claim was made via a charitable company or a trading subsidiary. Please send any comments to [email protected].