CTG VAT research project – presentation to the BUFDG Tax Conference

Andrew Disley from CTG’s Management Committee spoke at the recent British Universities Finance Directors Groups (BUFDG) Tax Conference to outline the scope of CTG’s planned VAT research project. Andrew reminded delegates that VAT rates and reliefs are facing review regardless of the outcome of Brexit. This could potentially present positive opportunities for charities and universities, but also significant risks. He asked whether universities and their customers would be able to afford to pay VAT on all their purchases if there were no VAT reliefs and exemptions. At the same time, he highlighted the advantages to charities if there were more generous VAT reliefs and no irrecoverable VAT. While these may be extreme examples the sector needs data to make the case to Government to protect existing reliefs and to create an improved VAT system for charities.

CTG’s VAT research project is designed to quantify the value of VAT reliefs for charities in the UK.The research outcomes will provide CTG with a clear set of pragmatic and costed reform proposals for Budget submissions to HM Treasury and in response to other tax reviews. A survey would be launched this summer and universities and charities are encouraged to take part. Please contact [email protected] to find out more information or read the project
summary here. You can find the slides from the session below.

CTG VAT research project -BUFDG Tax Conference