Making Tax Digital Case Study

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) is grateful to the Charity Finance Group (CFG) for granting permission to reproduce the slides from a recent webinar on a Making Tax Digital (MTD) Case Study with Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Slides: Webinar Making Tax Digital – CRUK Case Study

Following an introduction by Richard Sagar (CFG) and Richard Bray (Finance, Regulatory and Taxes Manager at CRUK and CTG Vice-Chair), Rosie Durham (Tax Projects Manager at CRUK), builds on her presentation at CTG’s Tax Conference to give a detailed overview of the steps the charity is taking to ensure compliance with MTD.

Rosie’s presentation covered the following issues:

  • Reminder of key deadlines
  • Setting the scene: CRUK’s current VAT Return process
  • Adjustments: examples
  • How will Making Tax Digital affect CRUK?
  • Approach to the Making Tax Digital project
  • What can stay the same/what will CRUK need to do differently?
  • What have HMRC said about adjustments? (as referenced in Rosie’s presentation see also
  • How will CRUK meet the 2019 & 2020 deadlines?
  • Digital links and digital records
  • Challenges encountered/areas where CRUK is seeking clarity

A link to a recording of the webinar can also be accessed here (NB you may need to wait for the page to redirect and will need to register for access)

CTG’s website includes a wide range of MTD resources here.