Non-Domestic Rating (Public Lavatories) Bill

The Non-Domestic Rating (Public Lavatories) Bill was introduced in the House of Lords on 18 June 2019. The date of the Second Reading has not yet been announced. Explanatory notes to the Bill can be read here.

In summary the Government is responding to concerns from local authorities, Members of Parliament, local organisations and members of the public about the rate at which public lavatories have been closing. The Bill will reduce the cost of running public lavatories, and therefore help support their continued operation, by providing 100% relief from business rates. The Bill applies to England and Wales only.

It amends Part 3 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 to ensure that, in
relation to an eligible hereditament which consists wholly or mainly of a public lavatory, the chargeable amount will be zero.

This will be welcome news to any charities that have public lavatories on their land, including organisations such as the National Trust.

The estimated cost of the relief to central government is no more than £6 million in England and no more than £0.45 million in Wales.