CTG comments on Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme consultation response

Responding to HMRC’s Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme consultation, CTG Chairman, John Hemming, commented:

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) has been a welcome new source of income for charities which helps to maximise the value of small cash donations. However, while the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme has increased in value, it is still experiencing far lower take-up than was originally envisaged. We hope that the proposed reforms to the Scheme, including a relaxation of the Gift Aid history requirement, will help to widen its accessibility, particularly among smaller charities, and we will work with the Government to promote the Scheme as widely as possible. We encourage the Government to review the effectiveness of any policy reforms and consider further simplifications, if there is no significant additional take-up. We support the Government’s intentions to future-proof the Scheme by extending it to contactless payments.

The full consultation response can be read at: https://www.charitytaxgroup.org.uk/news-post/2016/ctg-response-gasds-consultation/