Change in CTG Support Arrangements

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) has been the voice of charities on tax for over forty years. In that time, it has saved the charity sector over £10bn in tax.

Over that entire period, it has been supported and championed by Central Lobby Consultants (CLC) and in particular by Helen Donoghue who was awarded with an OBE in 2009 for services to the reform of charity taxation.

From 1 July, CLC and Helen have decided to step down from their role supporting CTG. The Directors of CTG wish to acknowledge and express their appreciation for all that Helen and CLC have contributed to CTG’s success.

Helen said: “The Charity Tax Group was set up over forty years ago to make representations to the UK Government on charity taxation and has since honed its technical expertise and reputation as a trusted representative of the sector on tax, saving charities billions of pounds in the process. It has been an honour to represent and advise the sector over the past forty years, and an exciting challenge to devise technical schemes in partnership with successive governments to improve the tax position of charities. Campaigning for the fairer tax treatment of charities to allow them to maximise the public benefit impact of their work remains vital, and we believe that the Charity Tax Group has a key role to play in doing so in the years to come.”

CTG continues to be focused on educating charities and providing training and support on tax, with the aim of promoting and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of charities for the public benefit. Where appropriate, CTG will engage with Government on the consequences of tax legislation on charities, so that more funds are available for charitable work. A new structure to support CTG’s mission and purposes will ensure a sustainable platform for the future, with increased technical support from CTG’s current Technical Advisor Kerry Sykes and Big for Tax Limited, and Davina Goodchild at Sandia Consultancy providing interim CEO support.

We look forward to continuing to equip and educate charities to deal with the plethora of tax issues that they face. And we will continue to work together with others to let the Government know the views of our members, and the sector more broadly, on tax issues so that there can be a more supportive fiscal environment to allow the vital work of charities to thrive.


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