Apprenticeship Levy technical funding guide updated

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has published an update to its technical funding guide for the Apprenticeship Levy. The document provides a number of helpful examples of how the Levy will work in practice, both for employers and for apprenticeship training providers.

The changes from the first version of the document give further detail and clarity on: 

  1. The definition of total price and how it is used in funding calculations – from paragraph 12
  2. The funding band maximum – see paragraph 17
  3. Small employer support – from paragraph 52
  4. How apprentices will be prioritised and how payments will be made from employer accounts – from paragraph 72
  5. How the SFA will match data from the Individualised Learner Record and the apprenticeship service – from paragraph 80
  6. How the funding calculation will accommodate a range of changes in circumstance – from paragraph 108